Prices & Portions




Celebration Cake Prices

The following prices are a guide only. The price of a cake depends on the final design and size, the amount of detail and any figure modelling required.

6" round - £30     6" square - £35
8" round - £40     8" square - £45
10" round - £50    10" square - £55
12" round - £60    12" square - £65

These prices are for sponge cakes and not fruit or truffle cakes, for which we can give you individual quotes.

Wedding Cakes

Prices are dependent upon a number of things, including flavour, number of tiers, design and the amount of modelling work required. As a guide, a 3 tier all sponge wedding cake consisting of 6", 8" and 10" tiers would start from £250.

Cupcakes & other Sweet Treats

Cupcakes (with a buttercream rose) start from £1.75 each, and dependent on the intricacy of decoration required, the price will rise accordingly.
Cookies and Brownies start from £1.50 each, this includes cellophane gift bag, ribbon and hand written gift card. There is a minimum order of 8.

Portion Guide

Below is a guide to the number of portions you can cut from round and square cakes of various sizes.
Fruit cakes are usually cut into portions measuring 1"x1", whilst sponge cakes are cut into slightly larger portions, measuring around 2"x1". This means you get fewer portions from a sponge cake than you do from a fruit cake of a similar size.